Scenes from the Catalina Film Festival

Blocking and Makeup Scenes from “R-Naught 15”

At the Average Superstar Film Festival in Philly

Scenes from “Legends & Lies” Season 2

Scenes from “Pivot Point Season 2”

Vaughn Bullard at Catalina Film Festival

CityBeat Live's Theresa Ireland interviews Vaughn Bullard

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The Importance of Professionalism

Professionalism is the key to success of any great organization. That success isn't garnered from one or two professional employees. Professionalism is upholding the standards by which the organization expects of itself; and then going above and beyond that bar. It is expected of everyone. It isn't a one or two person event. It requires teamwork, good morale, exceptional conduct and an unbridled esprit de corps. The organization's leader sets the standard by which its employees are expected to handle interactions, and how others perceive the organization. Professional...

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All “alone” on the Lonesome Trail

Had a good time this weekend riding horses for the Lonesome Trail movie.  Was a ton of fun!

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Scenes from this weekend’s shoot of ‘The Driver’

Just a few scenes from Sunday's shoot of 'The Driver'.  The weather, with hurricane like winds and icy slushy roads made it extremely difficult, not to mention equipment malfunctions.  Par for the course in this biz.  Had a major mic malfunction.  Luckily, I had a mic and XLR cable in the trunk of my car.  Helps to be prepared always!  

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Filmed Razorwalkers last Sunday

Well, another shoot of filming Razorwalkers last Sunday.  It was a great shoot but man was it chilly!  22 degrees with a windchill.  Darrin Archer, the director, picked a perfect place to do the shoot at a regional airport in Chambersburg, PA.

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